Garlic Msm Blend Tincture For Children


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Garlic Msm Blend  is a powerful blend to fortify lungs,  treatment  for preventing the flu and colds, studies show Garlic may boost the immune  system, reduces the risk of becoming  sick as well as how long you stay sick. This formula for children  3 to 12yrs.

Take 2-3 drops or 1/2teaspoon maximum  1 time per day if sick, 2 times. This product should not be taken if allergic to ingredients. If you are taking medication wait 3 hrs before or after taking this product.2oz

Ingredients:  Garlic  Vegetable  Glycerin  Distilled water Methylsulfonylmethane

The info that is shared is intended for informational purposes only.   Any product advice mentioned should not be used to diagnose , treat, cure disease. Always consult your physician if you are currently  taking medication. Not recommended if you have any allergies to the ingredients.