Cayenne Tincture


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Cayenne  pepper  is claimed to lower blood pressure, increase heart performance, and improve  circulation.Believed to prevent  blood clots.  cayenne pepper  contains flavonoids, carotenoids,vitamins C and A.  These nutrients may help the body strengthen the immune system and fight free radicals .  It is also believed to prevent  blood  clots and act as a mild pain reliever.   Cayenne pepper has 400 plus properties  in it , its the most powerful herb. 2oz

Use:  Take 5-30 drops in 2 oz of water or preferred beverage 2-4 times daily. 

Ingredients: organic cayenne pepper vegetable glycerin

It is also believed to prevent heart attacks  and strokes. 2 dropper full will assist in preventing heart attack or stroke, it also has cancer fighting  properties and so much more benefits.  

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